Krithzanor Ironstrake

A disgraced leader of a long-gone Dwarven military


Character Name
Krithzanor Ironstrake
Dwarf (Mountain)
Hair Color
Gray-tinged brown
Eye Color
Dark amber
95 lbs.
83 Years
Player Name
Chaotic Good
Experience Points

  • Str: 17(3)
  • Dex: 12(1)
  • Con: 17(3)
  • Int: 10(0)
  • Wis:11(0)
  • Cha: 8(-1)
    Proficiency Bonus
  • +2
    Armor Class
  • 14
    Current HP
    Hit Dice
    Passive Wisdom
    Saving Throws
  • Str: 5
  • Dex: 1
  • Con: 5
  • Int: 0
  • Wis: 0
  • Cha: -1
  • Acrobatics: 1
  • Animal Handling: 0
  • Arcana: 0
  • Athletics: 3 +2 (Proficient)
  • Deception: -1
  • History: 0
  • Insight: 0
  • Intimidation: -1 +2 (Proficient)
  • Investigation: 0
  • Medicine: 0
  • Nature: 0
  • Perception: 0
  • Performance: -1
  • Persuasion: -1
  • Religion: 0
  • Sleight of Hand: +1
  • Stealth: +1
  • Survival: 0 +2 (Proficient)
    Proficiency and Languages
    Light/Medium Armor
  • Common, Dwarvish
    Exp. Pack
    Javelins 4x 1d6
    Greataxe 1d12
    Greatclub 1d8
    Insignia of Rank
    Bone Dice
    Torn Elven Banner

Features and Traits

Unarmored Def

Dark Vision

Dwarven Resilience


Danger Sense


Gruff, brash, and armed with a crude sense of humor, not much about Krithzanor’s demeanor would lead one to believe that this Dwarf used to be a mighty leader of the military of a once-grand Dwarven stronghold. Krithzanor Ironstrake was once the captain of the Royal Guard of the stronghold Zokunmeng (which translates into Siegelashed in common). The royal guard was an elite branch of the stronghold’s military, tasked with the protection of the nobility and leadership of its militia. Before his promotion, he served as a soldier in the militia, defending his home from both Goblin incursions and sieges mounted by a neighboring Eleven society. The Elves hadobjected rather violently to the Dwarves’ treatment of the land and the natural environment, specifically their mining and logging indistry, and attacked in a sort of retaliation. It was during these battles that his proficiency with the greataxe became apparent. Many decades after the war between Zokunmeng and the Elven civilization, the mighty stronghold fell. Ironically, it was both nature and Dwarven hubris that did Zokunmeng in. After years of mistreatment by the Dwarves, the local Elephant population decided it’d had enough of them, and attacked the stronghold, massacring those in the outermost areas. The nobility decided to attempt to purge the Pachyderm menace through the use of a sort of doomsday weapon, which would funnel the very lifeblood of the planet up to the surface, destroying all upon it. Needless to say, it failed, flooding the lower levels of the stronghold with magma, and sparking blazing fires in the areas above it. Caught between a blazing inferno and the elephants crashing through its gates, presumably all of Zokunmeng’s inhabitants perished, with the exception of Krithzanor.

The reason for his survival is one which shames him to this day, and a burden which he will carry to his grave. While Zokunmeng burned around him, desperate citizens either burnt alive or desperately flung themselves at the Elephants, who pulped them with nary a thought, Krithzanor had cracked, and abandoned his post. He raced into the stronghold, abandoning his men and the nobility to their fates. In a decades-old storeroom lost to the stronghold’s maps, he had hidden. It was weeks until both the screams of the dying and the horrible trumpeting of the Elephants died down, and by then, his former home was naught but a burnt-out shell, riddled with corpses and debris.

He left then, and took to roaming the land as a mercenary for hire. He had abandoned his old armor, having felt unfit to wear the sigil of his people, ashamed of his cowardice. The only things he carried with him were a tattered banner from the Elven Civilization which plagued his home, and his greataxe, which bore the symbol of Zokunmeng.


Krithzanor is a somewhat jovial yet serious Dwarf, who’s time as a military leader made him headstrong and very to-the-point. He is a hardy fighter, willing to take on seemingly insurmountable odds.

As he is a Dwarf, Krithzanor values drink and industry above almost all else. As a military-minded individual, he also values combat prowess and might. His past has led him to utterly despise Goblins as vile creatures, and he openly dislikes Elves, due to the civilization which had warred with his stronghold for almost as long as he can remember. Despite this, he gets along (slightly) better with less nature-minded Elves, though he still distrusts them to some extent.

Krithzanor views any others who are capable of fighting effectively alongside him as good company to keep, and is willing to overlook more undesirable traits that are overshadowed by skill.

Krithzanor came from a sect of Dwarven society which viewed drinking alcohol as important as breathing, and as such drank heavily in his younger years. While he drinks far less now than he did then, he still drinks often (at least when he thinks he can get away with it)

The events of Zokunmeng’s downfall have left him wandering in order to find meaning. In his travels, he seeks death, as he believes this will in some way make up for his greatest failure. This makes him likely to be reckless in combat. Lastly, Krithzanor is deathly afraid of Elephants, and seeing or hearing anything which resembles the horrid beasts will leave him in a highly irrational and frantic state.

Krithzanor Ironstrake

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