Asus Conran

A wanderer always looking for the next adventure.


Race – Dragonborn

Gender – Male

Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

Eye Color – Ice Blue

Color – Bronze

Height – 6’ 5"

Weight – 220

Experience Points~ 0

Str: 12 +1
Dex: 8 -1
Con: 16 +3
Int: 16 +3
Wis: 10 0
Cha: 12 +1
Proficiency Bonus~ Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs, Crossbows +2

Armor Class~ 10

Initiative~ -1

Speed~ 30

Current HP~ 9

Hit Dice~ 1d6

Passive Wisdom~ 10

Saving Throws~
Str: +1
Dex: -1
Con: +2
Int: +4 (Proficient)
Wis: +2 (Proficient)
Cha: +1

Acrobatics: -1
Animal Handling: 0
Arcana: 4 (Proficient)
Athletics: 1
Deception: 1
History: 2 (Proficient)
Insight: 2 (Proficient)
Intimidation: 1
Investigation: 2
Medicine: 0
Nature: 2
Perception: 0
Performance: 1
Persuasion: 1
Religion: 2
Sleight of Hand: -1
Stealth: -1
Survival: 0

Proficiency and Languages~ Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Celestial

Quill, Black ink, Letter from a dead colleague with a question, Small knife, 100 gold pieces, common clothes, Quarterstaff (1d6 Bludgeoning, dual fist 1d8), Arcane Focus, Explorers Pack, Spellbook

Features and Traits ~ Lightning Breath (2d6)

Resistance – Lightning Resistance


Spellcasting Class~ Conjure

Spellcasting Ability~ Int.

Spell Save DC~ 13

Spell Attack Bonus~ +4

Spell Saving Throw – +13

Cantrips~ Light, Mage Hand, Acid Splash (1d6 Acid damage, Dex Throw)

Rank 1~ Magic Missile, Detect Magic

Rank 2~

Rank 3~

Rank 4~

Rank 5~

Rank 6~

Rank 7~

Rank 8~

Rank 9~

Spell Descriptions~ Magic Missile (Three darts, each 1d4), Detect Magic (Last 10 min, detect magic of any form within 30ft. Cannot penetrate 1ft of stone, inch of common metal, thin sheet of lead, 3ft of wood or dirt) Acid Splash (1 creature within 60 ft, 2 targets within 5ft of each other)

Background ~ Sage


Leaving home at a young age to escape the dull boredom permeating his life, Asus Conran decided to never have a permanent home until he had satisfied his questing desires. From the moment, he left his house he never stayed anywhere more than a month and has had few long term acquaintances. A few years after leaving home Asus discovered his affinity for magic and pursued the art with no formal teaching at all. At first, just some simple spells to make life easier on the road, but eventually reaching a more advanced level as he purchased or stole books on magic from the towns he traveled through. Eventually settling on summoning magic as his area of expertise he quickly surpassed many. With his new found magical abilities he was able to make more money as a small street performer and odd job employee. Normally able to make ends meet easily, Asus was not above theft or other criminal activities to survive. With several connections in underground societies, Asus has contacts in many places. Often living in the woods to save money, he feels at home in the outdoors and has gone months without any other human contact. While not possessing an incredibly strong connection with nature he does have a slight affinity for things in the natural world. Asus is always on the hunt for the next adventure or new region to amaze him.

Asus Conran

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