Into the Depths

Session 2 Recap

Around half of the party stayed behind at the campfire while the rest pushed on. They valiantly fought through the dungeon and discovered many things. Upon exploring the first floor they entered combat with a group of zombies in a dark desolate room, several of the party members being wounded. With good planning and tactics they managed to slay the undead with ease. They continued on until they found a strange doorway in a hallway. It appeared to be magically held in place, the means of which unknown. After a while they found a small room with levers covering the walls. They tried flicking some of them up and down but to no avail. Suddenly, Draethor received inspiration from the land and nature spirits and he decided to reexamine the zombie corpses. On the way there though he discovered a very ornate stone door with the carving of a dragon on it. Additionally there were seven places for pyrimidine shapes to fit into along the spine of the dragon. Upon reaching the zombie battle room, in the hand of one of the carcasses was a small box containing a note which read, “DUDDUDUU.” At first they thought nothing of it, but then they realized that it was the directions for the levers. Down Up Down Down Up Down Up Up. Upon further examination they find that the door that was magically locked was now open. This door revealed a stairwell which lead down into the darker depths of the dungeon. Using his Druidcraft Draethor lit the torches in the initial room, which to his and the party’s surprise, opened a heavy stone door in the back of the room. Following that path they discover what seems to be the junction of the dungeon, the atmosphere seeming to be slightly different in this room than the rest. Bird chirps and insect noises could be heard as well, the doors on the inside of the room appearing to be a very ornate stone whereas from the outside they appeared to be wooden. Taking one of the pathways they discover a room with two dragon statues. At first glance they might appear to be statues but infact they were alive and sentient. One of the statues had Onyx eyes and a Silver tongue and the other Silver eyes and an Onyx tongue. The party discovered that they could remove the eyes from the dragons and switch them into the other, gaining two pyramidal shaped gems that came from the dragons mouths. They continued on and found a room with a strange fountain inside of it. Drawing on their knowledge of history and religion, they learn that the fountain belongs to a neutral god Krivroth. Several of the members became intoxicated and another failed to keep the contents of his last meal inside him. They went to a room with two statues, one telling half-truths and lies while the other spoke only of the truth. Later they discovered a room filled with skeletons, it was a tricky fight at first but the heroes vanquished the trial. After much searching they found several gemstones of differing types. (Topaz, Ruby, Gold, Onyx, Silver, Quartz, Amethyst.) Before heading into the final room they explored the dungeon further and found treasure of varying types. One being a large stash of currency and the other being an enchanted dagger which was later identified as the Vorpal Blade. As of now, the group rests in Zraroth until they are ready to continue with their quest.

Session One Recap
And so it begins...

Starting the session off, everyone was pulled from their daily lives by some unnatural force to a forest in the middle of the night. They were met by a tall Onyx Dragonborn named Ryleth Zynthal. He gave them a task of finding a strange and almost mythical lantern. He created an opening in the ground that appeared to be a stairwell into a dungeon and pointed them in the direction of a city nearby. Instead of going down into the dungeon the party went to the city for a while and gathered information as well as rested until dawn. Soon after they left and descended into the dungeon. They faced an encounter which nearly killed Heehk Quaf but luckily they met a new figure who saved him, Wyntera Kolya.

Welcome to the End of Days
Good luck escaping...

Shall we begin?

Brace yourselves and prepare for some fun… The end of days is merely the dawn of eternity…


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